Pairing Handmade Fall Accessories

(Above) Handmade Urban Lumberjack scarf by NorthernlyEnarmourLookbook4
From boots and body chains to fedoras and your favorite cool weather knits, fall is an exciting time to accessorize. Below you will find some of my favorite outfits and accessories of the season – all handmade.
Handmade dress (above) by Simmer Clothing.

One of the biggest trend I’m seeing and loving this season is body jewelry. Enamour (below)EnarmourLookbook4 (1)

You can pair harnesses with just about any outfit to get your desired look, whether striving for a bold statement or if you just want to add a touch of dazzle to your fall wardrobe. Another great feature of body harness jewelry is that you can find harnesses in many different styles to accommodate what’s most flattering for your own body shape and fashion preference.

Body harness by Enamour and a stunning mineral eye shadow from Crush Cosmetics (left)crush cosmeticsbody chain

Check out Give Grow Love for this handmade tribal dress (below)
Confession: I’ll also never say no to a little lip color from Fat and the Moon
Maybe you’re in the mood to steal the show? Pair your body harness with a low silhouette and mirror with a second accessory. Try out a handmade hat or beaded bobby pins by Love and Cherish (below).
love and cherish
Fedora by Mu Du London (below)
I am simply in love with this luscious rust orange dress from Alice Nightingale (below).
I’ll take it with some “Hot Flash” by Crush Cosmetics (below), please and thank you.
crush cosmetics s

Hair is probably the most essential accessory you have at your fingertips. Whether you’re trying a new style you found on Pinterest or snagging a lovely handmade hair extension from PuppyCatMeow (above) to fill out your locks, braids are huge in trending this year, and it would be a waste not to show off your most natural and accessible fall accessory! But don’t forget about those little details. Wood stud earrings handmade by The Ancient Muse.

And wherever you are this season, don’t forget to stay warm with a hot beverage and some cozy handmade knitted accessories. Fingerless wrist warmers and knit hat (below) handmade by Ozetta.
ozetta 2 ozetta
Cozy grey knit cardigan (below) by Marcella Monda



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